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On Merry Yule

Two weeks in Buckland as Bilbo and Frodo visit during Yule and attend the Wintermark celebration.

Takes place in late-December, 1389, and early January 1390 SR, during the Yule season. Contains a great deal of speculative information about Shire social structure, politics, and economic activity since Bilbo returned from his adventures.

Bilbo and Frodo are main characters. Brandybuck, Took, Bolger, and Burrows relatives show up, and many original characters (OCs), including Dalin, a Dwarf. Mature themes in almost every chapter, descriptions of sexual activity and violence in several chapters.

Not a cheerful feel-good holiday story in any way.

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Next story has begun posting


After a short hiatus, I have begun posting my next story, On Merry Yule. This story originally appeared on HASA in December of 2002 in draft form. It had a lot of major revisions at that time, then was put up for review in early 2004 and was accepted for public viewing. It's been out of view for about two years. I have not made many edits to it, as it was a mature story by the time HASA was retir ...