Gondor Stories

This story series is mostly one huge story, Hands of the King, plus the occasional short piece or AU. The focus on these stories is Denethor. I don't much care for how this character was portrayed in the LotR movies and in most early fanfic, so I set out to explore Denethor as a kind of anti-hero who calls into question pretty much everything.

Count of stories in the series: 3

Stories in Series

Hands of the King

Finduilas of Dol Amroth married Denethor, future Lord Steward of Gondor, for some very specific reasons. A different take on their marriage.

Anglachel's magnum opus. If you like long novels, this one's for you.

Chapter 1 Chapter count: 88 Word count: 883,266 Updated: 12/26/15


A very AU brief tale. What if Denethor had not perished in the pyre and also survived the battle before the Morannon? The former Lord Steward would have to get used to things being different. A (relatively) light-hearted follow on to Black Wing.

Chapter 1 Chapter count: 1 Word count: 1,251 Updated: 12/27/16