Shire Stories

As the title implies, the Shire Stories mostly concern themselves with Hobbits, though the occasional Dwarf, Wizard or Dúnedain will pop up. The character I write about most is Bilbo Baggins. Fandom writing about Hobbits too often trends into treacle territory. My writings tend to be a bit hard edged and unsentimental.

NOTE: I do not write children's stories. I deal with mature topics in all of my works. If you like cutesy and sweet Hobbit stories, don't read mine.

Count of stories in the series: 4

Stories in Series

The Ford

In which Gandalf returns to the Shire after a long absence, and makes the acquaintance of a particular hobbit.

Chapter 1 Chapter count: 1 Word count: 1,807 Updated: 05/19/15


Ten days in Buckland as Bilbo tries to convince his relatives that Frodo belongs with him. Significant speculation about minor LOTR characters, and gap-filling on Shire culture, society, politics and economics.

NOTE: I do not write children's stories. I deal with mature topics in all of my works. Expect to find direct presentation of sexuality, politics, violence, economics, and other non-trivial topics.

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Chapter 1 Chapter count: 13 Word count: 65,675 Updated: 03/16/17

Writing a Green Sun

Thoughts on writing sexuality in JRRT fanfiction, focus on Hobbits and the Shire. Discussion of how research and speculation about social, historical, cultural and economic aspects of Middle-earth affects the development of stories and characters.

Chapter 1 Chapter count: 7 Word count: 12,079 Updated: 03/26/17

On Merry Yule

Two weeks in Buckland as Bilbo and Frodo visit during Yule and attend the Wintermark celebration.

Takes place in late-December, 1389, and early January 1390 SR, during the Yule season. Contains a great deal of speculative information about Shire social structure, politics, and economic activity since Bilbo returned from his adventures.

Bilbo and Frodo are main characters. Brandybuck, Took, Bolger, and Burrows relatives show up, and many original characters (OCs), including Dalin, a Dwarf. Mature themes in almost every chapter, descriptions of sexual activity and violence in several chapters.

Not a cheerful feel-good holiday story in any way.

Chapter 1 Chapter count: 23 Word count: 191,972 Updated: 09/03/17