13. Appx. II - Mayoralities in the Shire

This chronology is mostly invented and presents a background of who was Mayor in the Shire from just before the Fell Winter until the Ring War. It contains a few notes on things happening in the Shire and of major events outside. The green row is the approximate timeframe in which the various stories of the Shire Series take place.

Year Mayor Bilbo's Age Notes
1273 Mungo Baggins -17  
1280 Mungo Baggins -10  
1287 Saragrim Sackville -3  
1294 Addlegar Longhole 4  
1301 Addlegar Longhole 11 Ithilien deserted. Henneth Annûn built.
1308 Addlegar Longhole 18 Fell Winter strikes in this mayorality.
1315 Bungo Baggins 25 Bungo is acting mayor, while Addelgar retains title.
1322 Bungo Baggins 32 Bungo dies in 1326.
1329 Manny Underhill 32 Takes over from Bungo, completes next term. Arathorn weds Gilraen.
1336 Carlo Banks 32 Aragorn now living in Rivendell, renamed Estel.
1343 Halfred Headstrong 53 Bilbo just back from his adventures.
1350 Halfred Headstrong 60 Finduilas of Dol Amroth born.
1357 Wilton Grubb 67 Aragorn enters Thengel's service.
1364 Wilton Grubb 74 Wilton dies in 1371, just before the Free Fair
1371 Gundred Bolger 81 Baggins cousin, grandson of Pansy Baggins; Aragorn is serving Ecthelion.
1378 Pasco Goodbody 88 Baggins cousin, grandson of Lily Baggins; Boromir born.
1385 Pasco Goodbody 95 Bilbo considers running for mayor; Denethor is Lord Steward of Gondor; Timeframe of Shire Stories.
1392 Pasco Goodbody 102 Frodo is Bilbo's heir; Finduilas has died.
1399 Will Whitfoot 109 Bilbo is planning his Farewell Feast.
1406 Will Whitfoot 116 Frodo has the Ring; Bilbo now living in Rivendell, Gandalf and Aragorn seek Gollum.