New Site, New Start


So, what is all this?

It's the relaunch of my fanfiction site, Rómenna.

I got pretty sour on my fanfiction writing there for a while because of all the idiocy surrounding HASA. Nothing I did made anyone happy and I ended up hating almost everyone and everything connected to the fandom. I put all my writing away and gave my time to other things. Last year, it became apparent that HASA as an independent story archive had to come to an end. It was costing me thousands per year out of my own pocket to support it and the security liability was getting to be too much. Plus, people in the fandom continued to be selfish, whiney jerks, demanding that I cater to their whims.

People, it's just fanfic. Get a grip, OK?

So, with a lot of sadness, I set about closing down HASA. With a lot of support and effort from a handful of other people, this was done and the bulk of the stories transferred over to the Open Doors A03 mega site. A funny thing happened on the way to the shut-down.

I started writing again.

Relieved of the burden of dealing with the daily stream of "Your site doesn't work, I hate you, you suck, help me NOOOOWWWWW!!!!!!!!" emails, no longer staring at a $2,000 hosting bill, no more concerned about some pissant filing plagiarism claims because they have nothing better to do with their sad, empty little life, the creative juices started flowing again. In a rather short period of time, I had a whole new Shire Story written.

So, I built a new site, organized it for my own convenience, and now I will be republishing all of my old work and as much of my new stuff as I like. Who knows, that one story may be the last gasp of creativity from me. I don't really care. I'm back to a happy place in my writing.

Expect a chapter or two each week as I work through the backlog of the old stuff and brush up the new story. If you like my site, bookmark it and revisit as you like.