New chapter - Descent


Denethor POV chapter.

One main goal in this chapter was to pay attention to Denethor's physicality. If he & Aragorn/Thorongil look as being of closest kin, then they are pretty similar in their physical abilities. They'll both be tall, agile, with keen senses and an ease of movement. Boromir and Faramir, though of different body types, are also very physical men, and I imagine that Denethor would more like than unlike his sons at a comparable age. I don't know if it came through in the first chapter, but Denethor and Thorongil vary in their favorite choice of weapon. Thorongil is a swordsman, while Denethor prefers the bow. Each is, of course, deadly with either.

I've added a third appendix, one that tries to keep track of just who is in charge of what garrison/copmmand at what point in the story.